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Gautam International Sr. Sec. School

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Chairman’s Desk

Message from Chairman’s Desk

ChairmanIn today’s technology driven age, the frontiers of knowledge are expanding at a phenomenal pace and
“a new page of history is being written before yesterday’s ink is even dry…”

Our challenge, as Duane Elgin aptly puts it, is to recognize that “We are the first generation of global citizens. The choices we make will establish an overall thrust to living, with which humanity will live for generations “.

Knowledge is power and it commands a premium. Let the school be our window to the future.

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than the raising of the next generation. The fundamental aim of education is to produce future citizens who are aware, who are sensitive to the needs of the society they live in and who are willing to contribute to it in a positive manner.

At GIS, we are committed in providing and maintaining the academic standards as well as co curricular standards so that they remain an area of excellence, each and every child is able to discover to their potential to the best of their ability in an atmosphere of love and encouragement.

Gautam International School is committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through stimulating and comprehensive program. The stringent standards followed by our school since commencement have guided us and helped us offer students a contemporary, relevant and self motivated curriculum.

Mr. Sachin Sharma
Chairman – (GIS)